Specialty: 241 Hotel and Restaurant Business, 015 Professional Education. ED:  Bachelor. Semester: 2 (1-8). ECTS: 3 (17).
Author: Svitlana Borysivna Khrystiuk - PhD in World History, associate professor of English Philology Department, NULES of Ukraine.
Annotation: Issues of culture, making news, movie magic, journeys, experiences, adventurers, cycle city, learning, roles on the roads, experiences of learning, lifelong learning, ambitions, fame and fortune, extreme challenges, 24 hours, music, the Mozart effect, barefoot music, taste, Jamie's kitchen, let's celebrate, survival, going to extreme, survival school, surviving in English, stages, turning eighteen, old friends, the truth about ageing, places, Greek island, Manadela's garden virtual world are widely considered for the detailed perception in this course.

Рік останньої атестації: 2020