Specialties: 121 Software Engineering; 122 Computer Sciences; 123 Computer EngineeringED: Bachelor. Semester: 3-4. ECTS: 5.
Authors: Nataliia Yuriivna Yamnych - senior lecturer of English Philology Department, NULES of Ukraine; Svitlana Hryhorivna Kachmarchyk - PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor of English Philology Department, NULES of Ukraine.
Annotation: The course deals with the issues of the development of communicative competencies such as the use of gained skills and knowledge of English in the sphere of information technologies, participation in international conferences, projects, discussions and correspondence. The assessment is based on the written tasks, tests, presentations, speaking in class. Also students will practise reading professional oriented texts, finding out necessary information, summarizing, making speeches; using general, special and professional vocabulary; producing grammatical, lexical and stylistic forms; writing letters, emails, filling into various forms connected with the future profession.

Рік останньої атестації: 2021