Спеціальність: 072 "Finance, banking and insurance".
ОС: Bachelor.
Семестр: 7. ЄКТС: 5.
Автори: Файчук Ольга Валеріївна - доцент кафедри банківської справи та страхування; Муравський Олексій Андрійович - доцент кафедри банківської справи та страхування;
Involves the study of the following issues: banking system and its functions; a commercial bank – the main component of the Ukrainian banking system; features of banking operations. The essence, tasks and peculiarities of functioning of the banking system, the current practice of performing active and passive operations of banks, the work of the central bank and the tools of monetary and monetary policy in the current conditions of the economy are considered. Particular attention is paid to the stability of the banking system and the mechanism of regulation of banking activities.