Спеціальність: 101 - екологія, ОС: Бакалавр
ЄКТС: 3 (90 год)  Семестр: 6
Автор: Бордюжа Надія Петрівна  - доцент кафедри агрохімії та якості продукції рослинництва ім. О.І. Душечкіна.
Анотація: Goal of the course is to form a system of special knowledge and skills in the field of agrochemical analysis and reproduction of soil fertility, taking into account the agro-ecological properties of fertilizers, the development of practical skills using their environment. 
The subject of the discipline "Agrochemistry" is the agrochemical mechanism of soil and plant under the influence of anthropogenic factors - fertilizers, formation and use of their potential to optimize both agrochemical and environmental criteria of integrated indicators of human agricultural activity - soil fertility and crop productivity.
The main tasks of the discipline "Agrochemistry" are to get acquainted with the basics of theory and practice of fertilizer use and their impact on the environment; practicing skills to solve practical problems related to the justification of rational use of fertilizers taking into account their agri-environmental properties, development and implementation of crop fertilization systems, as well as finding effective measures to reduce anthropogenic pressure on soil and plants while obtaining economic benefits of fertilizers.