Спеціальність: 071 "Accounting and taxation".
ОС: Bachelor. 
Семестр: 2. ЄКТС: 5.
Автор: Сова Олена Юріївна,
канд. екон. наук, доц.,
доцент кафедри фінансів.

Abstract. The purpose of the course is the formation of a system of fundamental knowledge about the set of financial relations, which express the distribution and redistribution of the value of gross domestic product at the macro and micro levels.

The main tasks of studying the discipline are:  to give students a bachelor's degree program a correct understanding of the laws in the field of financial relations of the state, business entities and the population and to reveal ways to use these laws in the practice of financial work; to show the possible directions of the impact of finance on social progress and the role of finance in the economic restructuring of society in the development of market relations; to identify a set of measures to ensure the use of finance as one of the effective levers of economic policy.